Small Hot Chocolate

Recently went into a well known high-street coffee shop and asked for a ‘small hot chocolate’ for my youngest son. “A Babyccino?” was the response. Please, for ****’s sake don’t do this. Isn’t it obvious that I cannot utter the word Babyccino. It is not something I’m prepared to do. You’ve had my request described in succinct detail – what’s the problem with saying “certainly, anything else?”

And relax.


If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone – or whatever they’re called – then you might like a great ebook of sharp, incicive photographs to go with it.

Home Entertainment by Pete Millson now available as an ebook for £1.49. Download one now.

In other news, I’ve now written 10 songs and in my mind that’s an album. Now to find a producer to help me turn it into an album. Album title is Songs Of Hope And Despair.

That’ll cheer ’em up.

Boo Hewerdine

Had the pleasure of having Boo Hewerdine help with one of my songs the other week. Boo is, without doubt, one of my favourite songwriters. He seems to have spent his lifetime working on refining what he does – a lesson to us all.

I took the opportunity to photograph him. Here he is looking like a beardy old man: